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1. Be respectful of other players.

2. 2. Be active. Please make sure you are able to post at least once a week. If there is a problem and you need to take a hiatus, please post a notice or contact one of the mods. If you are inactive for one week and have not informed us of a hiatus, you will be given a prompt to help you to get involved in the game once more. After two weeks, you will be dealt a warning. If there is no response after three weeks, you will lose posting privileges.

3a. Scenes with other characters are to be written in the third person, past tense format and posted in the main community. Entries in character journals are as your character would write and these are not mandatory. All posts that do not pertain to the actual RP should be posted in the OOC community.

3b. Scenes with other characters are to follow this template:
Date: (game starts in Spring 2012)
Warnings: (if any)
Status: (in progress or complete)
Private or open for other players to join

4. With regards to pairings, there are no restrictions, however please check first with the other player so everyone concerned is on the same page.

5. Put warnings on your scenes. Some players may not want to read threads containing certain issues (such as sex, extreme violence, torture, etc), and it's only fair to give them that head's up. We're not banning any subject matter, but we want our players to be comfortable, and warnings help with that.

Contact the mods
via AIM: Mia at MissChim and Anthy at coffeepr0n
via email: at 5yrsgone.mods@gmail.com

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