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Five Years Gone OOC
Using the OOC 
11th-Oct-2007 06:08 pm

I was wondering if any of you muns would like to play with my Claire. I'm open for all sorts of plot ideas and if your interested my aim is chaosansilence (email)@aol.com or you can just comment here.

Claire(The Mun)

Also if this isn't allowed just delete it.
12th-Oct-2007 11:35 am (UTC)
I can offer Candice up for a thread, if you'd like the Company to catch up to Claire. She'd be an asset to their ranks, but from the app I can't see her joining them willingly.

That being set, it can be a random encounter. Candice (and Jamie, if the mun agrees) passing through and stopping at the diner where she meets Claire, for example.
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