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Five Years Gone OOC
Name: Claire Gender: Female Age: 21 Contact information: (AIM)… 
11th-Oct-2007 02:22 pm
Name: Claire
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Contact information: (AIM) chaosansilence
Timezone: Eastern US

Character Information

Name: Claire Bennet
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Occupation* (if related to affiliation, see
Dramatis Personae): Waitress
Mutant/Normal: Mutant
Strengths/Weaknesses: Claire's strengths are her growth regeneration, she's very difficult to kill. Her weakness are that healing can be a slow process and if injured in the right place she may not be able to regenerate till the object is removed.
Affiliation (see
Dramatis Personae): None
Family/Friends: The Bennet Family, The Petrelli Family, Zach
What motivates him/her? Keeping her family safe by staying away, being an ordinary girl and doing ordinary things is the best way she knows how. She wants a normal life, a husband and kids the whole nine yards. She wants to know more about her birth parents and their family, but would never risk her family to do so. She's content on watching the Petrelli family on TV, newspapers and magazines.
Sample/Introduction Post (3rd person perfect; 200 words minimum):
Claire watched as another customer came in and sat at the bar. Her body moved slightly robotic as she immediately got out her order pad and pen. Walking up to him slowly, she put on her best forced smile as she had done all day and hoped he'd give her a decent tip.
"What can I get you to drink?" She asked in a tone that would be best described as sweet.
"I'll have a coke.." The man practically grunted at her with a face that was quite torn up.
At first it had almost scared her as he had several scars on his face she hadn't even noticed before. Forcing herself to look a way she didn't want to come across rude. "I'll go get that for you," She then genuinely smiled back at him.
Though he might of scared her at first she had found a way to relate to him that made her sympathize. His scars were on the outside for everyone to see and he'd probably dealt with a lot of critical people that judged him based on his face, and yet Claire wore her scars on the inside where no one could see because they would surely kill her for who she was. That was what her world had turned into be, and every time she watched the news she was reminded she was just a freak that no one wanted.
Character LJ:
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