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Character: Lance Alvers

Name: Sarah
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Contact information: (AIM/MSN/etc) AIM: Butterflyweb
Timezone: USA Eastern
Player LJ: [info]butterflyweb

Name: Lance Alvers
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Occupation* (if related to affiliation, see Dramatis Personae): none
Mutant/Normal: Mutant
Strengths/Weaknesses: As well as being a decent shot, Lance has the ability to manipulate seismic waves to cause earthquakes, as well as focus them to send isolated ripples or tremors through any flat surface in a particular direction/intensity. Despite this margin of control, Lance’s power is by nature unpredictable and easily amplified by his emotions, particularly anger. Prolonged use of his power causes severe migraines and nosebleeds, as well as exhaustion.
Affiliation (see
Dramatis Personae): Enclave, Initiate
Family/Friends: Joe Holmberg (friend, occasional lover), Tom Pullman (friend)
What motivates him/her? Survival. Revenge.
Sample/Introduction Post (3rd person perfect; 200 words minimum):

The gravel crunched loudly under his heavy boots, setting his teeth on edge.


Flicking the ash from the end of his cigarette, he raised it to his lips with hands that never stopped shaking, almost as if they couldn’t contain the waves inside his body, but he fucking knew better. He stared at the building a long time, icy gaze never wavering, not until his cigarette burned to the end, searing his fingers.


Letting it fall to the ground, he stepped forward, crouching down and resting scorched fingertips on the cool concrete.


A lifetime ago, he would’ve asked about casualties. About innocent lives and the people this could hurt. A lifetime ago, he would’ve cared.


He concentrated, feeling the waves emanate from his body, rattling his bones and pushing outward, the pavement splitting before him, a creeping jagged line ending at the building’s foundation. Around him, store windows burst from the strain of the trembling ground, car alarms sounding and the sharp sound of bricks cracking.


He focused harder, intensifying the waves, feeling the familiar hammering in his temples rising to a dull roar. The building in front of him shivered, cracks in the foundation creeping up the sides, bricks breaking off and falling to smash out windows, leaving fissures in the pavement.


Before him, the building fell.


Character LJ:



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