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Kirin Yi

Character: Kirin Yi

Name: RA
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Contact information: AkariRei2 (AIM)
Timezone: USA CST (GMT -6)
Player LJ: angelinaii

Name: Kirin Yi
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Occupation: Government Operative
Mutant/Normal: Mutant
Strengths/Weaknesses: Kirin has the ability to manipulate light. He can absorb all forms of illumination, and release that absorbed energy as blinding flashes of light, or destructive laser beams. He can refract light waves to create holographic images. One weakness is he needs a light source to fuel his powers, and being placed in an area of absolute darkness severely weakens his abilities. He is also photosensitive, overexposure to light or constant use of his ability can affect him physically.
Affiliation: Government
Family/Friends: Jamie Madrox (lover), Dae-mun 'Jimmy' Lee (partner), Candice Wilmer (friend)
What motivates him/her? Love, loyalty, and fear
Sample/Introduction Post (3rd person perfect; 200 words minimum):

The apartment was dark, the faint light that illuminated the room was literally at Kirin's fingertips, giving himself just enough to see the deceptively normal task of cooking dinner. He could do it, he knew he could do it, he had to do it. Keeping the apartment clean, cook, eat, sleep. All normal and everyday things that most people could do effortlessly. On good days, Kirin could handle it. He could handle being alone. On bad days, and there were many bad days, the fear would take over.

The doctors all assured them that it was normal post traumatic stress, and that with their therapy and their drugs that he'd improve with time. That was years ago. Improvement always came with setbacks, and each assignment had the potential to send him spiraling backward. He couldn't let that happen. He knew what would happen if he didn't get better. The government had him listed as one of the dangerous ones, one who should be sanctioned for the good of everyone else. To survive Kirin had to do what they wanted. He had to prove that he was stable and sound in mind. Or they would have to kill him.
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