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Five Years Gone OOC
Character: Lucy Vorena 
30th-Sep-2007 06:18 pm
Name: RA
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Contact information: AkariRei2 (AIM)
Timezone: USA CST (GMT -6)
Player LJ: angelinaii

Name: Lucy Vorena
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: Private school student
Mutant/Normal: Mutant
Strengths/Weaknesses: Lucy is an cryokinetic, she can manipulate thermal energy around her to lower the temperature around her and she can freeze objects she comes into physical contact with. While she has strong control over her ability that she can pass as a normal human, an intrinsic trait of her form of cryokinesis is that it is always active. While most are unable to notice the subtle shift of temperature in her presence or that she has a far lower body temperature than a living human should, a simple touch to her bare skin would give up her secret. Because of this, she keeps herself as isolated as possible.
Affiliation: None
Family/Friends: Alexander & Naomi Vorena (parents-deceased), Lydia Hunter (aunt)
What motivates him/her? Revenge
Sample/Introduction Post (3rd person perfect; 200 words minimum):

At school, she was known as the ice queen. The spoiled rich bitch who acted like she was better than everyone else. She had no friends at school, and Lucy was content to keep it that way. It was better for them, and safer for her. She was an ice queen, a literal one. The kids in her class and even the teachers feared or disliked her because of her attitude, because of her money, because no one knew how to deal with her. If they only knew that Lucy was one of 'them' that there was a very real reason to fear her.

She lived alone in her father's apartment, there were nicer and less damaged buildings she could live in, but it was one place she truly felt she belonged. The Enclave wanted her to join them, the Government wanted her to join them, the rest would want her dead if they knew what she could do. She hated them all. Lucy planned to do what she had to survive, survive long enough to make those who took her father from her pay.

It was why she stood in front of the government-owned building, holding her father's access card in her hand. Before Lucy could have her revenge, she needed answers, and her father's former employer was the best start.
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