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Five Years Gone OOC
Character- Jamie Madrox 
29th-Sep-2007 04:41 pm

 Name: Sarah
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Contact information: AIM: Butterflyweb Email: static_prevails13@msn.com
Timezone: USA Eastern
Player LJ: butterflyweb

Character Info

Name: Jamie Madrox
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Occupation: Government Operative
Mutant/Normal: Mutant
Strengths/Weaknesses: Can replicate himself infinitely, as far as is known. His ability lends itself to learning new skills and surveillance/intelligence, as anything his duplicates learn/experience becomes his own knowledge/skill once they've been absorbed. A weakness is inherent in this as well, as this applies also to sickness, fatigue, injury, etc. He can easily become incapacitated by absorbing an afflicted dupe.
Affiliation: Government
Family/Friends: Kirin Yi (lover), Candice Wilner(partner), Dae-mun 'Jimmy' Lee (friend)
What motivates him/her? To protect the people he loves.
Sample Post:

He sat by the docks a long time, crumpled against the pillar like a bent up paper doll. Watching the ships come into harbor, the gulls land on the buoys in the distance. He sat there until the sun sank behind the shoreline, until the air turned down right frigid, leaving him shivering absently.

He didn't think. Didn't have the energy to much beside watch and listen to the things around him, and if he wasn't dying inside, he would've called it peaceful.

At last, Jamie pulled himself to his feet, his hands scraped raw from his tumble to the ground earlier, wrist bruised from Jimmy's grip. The back of his knuckles were an angry red from their contact with the other man's jaw. Swallowing, he walked over to the gun still lying on the rotted boards, picking it up and simply looking at it for a second before tucking it in the back of his jeans.

It was time to go home.

LJ: madri_madrox

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