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Name: Anthy
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Contact information: coffeepr0n (AIM)
Timezone: CST (US)
Player LJ: murasaki_plum

Name: Dae-mun Lee
Nickname: Jimmy
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Occupation: Government Operative
Mutant/Normal: Normal
Strengths/Weaknesses: N/A
Affiliation (such as Government, Enclave, Militia - "normal" version of the Enclave with opposing aims - or none): Government
Family/Friends: SungMin Lee (brother), Candice Wilmer (ex-wife), Kirin Yi (partner), Jamie Madrox (colleague)
What motivates him/her? His family and survival.
Sample/Introduction Post (3rd person perfect; 200 words minimum):

Dedicated. On the clock, off it, it didn't matter. Which, it could be debated that the only time an operative was off the clock was when they were either asleep or dead. Even now, when most had left to find comfort in their vices or loved ones; he found himself at the mainframe, pouring over classified articles. It was the same accounts, a nighttime ritual, reading reports that his friends knew existed but only normals with seniority and directors like the asshole Parkman had access to.

Lee, SungMin

Madrox, James

Yi, Kirin

Wilmer Lee, Candice

With a shake of his head, Dae-mun clicked Candice's profile and fixed the name; although the marital status had changed, someone was lazy or cruel enough not to do anything her name. He wished he could upload a different photo for her mug shot, the dark brown eyes that stared back at him lacked the fire that he knew existed. Not that keeping an up-to-date photo on her was necessary, not when she could change her appearance at will. She was always Candice to him, no matter what her form.

He had thought it cruel and a blessing that out of his living friends and family, only he was without mutation. It had been rumored that he carried the gene but never manifested, but he didn't have access to his own file to confirm. As long as he kept his normal classification, he didn't care. It was that one boolean preset that kept him one step ahead of mutants who would be glad to see him off the force, if not dead. It was what kept loved ones as far away from the termination lists.

Character LJ: southgate87
Tags: character profiles
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