Inactivity prompts

After one week of inactivity, the mod team has come up with these suggested prompts, in the interest of helping you get involved in the game once more. You are not required to follow them but you are encouraged.

Emelia Harper

Following an attack vandalizing your campus that is being blamed on the Enclave, Militia and Government recruiters have become all the more frequent. Classmates are talking about joining and pressuring you into following them to an interview at a Government facility. Meanwhile, Militia approval is increasing among others who begin to sport insignia and attitudes labeling them as supporters of this movement. This would be a most inopportune time to manifest your power accidentally. Do you go along with your friends or do you attempt to hide and hope the Militia don't notice?

Joe Holmberg

Intel has you running errands that any 'normal' could do. Not only do you find yourself tracking supposed meta-humans who turn out to be goths or anti-social kids and nothing more, but you are spending less and less time around the central cell where all the 'fun' missions are being planned. Do you keep up with Enclave demands or do you strike out on your own, thereby exposing yourself to Government tracking? Or do you volunteer yourself for something potentially more dangerous but that also requires half a brain to accomplish?
teddy bear

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Hey everybody, wanted to give you a heads up on the adjustment to one of the rules:

Be active. Please make sure you are able to post at least once a week. If there is a problem and you need to take a hiatus, please post a notice or contact one of the mods. If you are inactive for one week and have not informed us of a hiatus, you will be given a prompt to help you to get involved in the game once more. After two weeks, you will be dealt a warning. If there is no response after three weeks, you will lose posting privileges.

The period of activity will be from Monday to Sunday, prompts will be handed out a the start of the next week. If you have any questions/comments, let us know.

Using the OOC


I was wondering if any of you muns would like to play with my Claire. I'm open for all sorts of plot ideas and if your interested my aim is chaosansilence (email) or you can just comment here.

Claire(The Mun)

Also if this isn't allowed just delete it.